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Create Timelapses of the Full Moon

Shooting the moon!  One of the most exhilarating experiences you could have as a photographer!   But with lots of opportunity for improvement!  After you take the first shots you are hooked!  

We plan to cover these items in our upcoming workshop

A demonstration of the tools in PhotoPills to understand where the moon will be rising and at what times.

Discussions about the importance of planning for your shoot to account for foreground elements that you might want to incorporate into the shot.

Understand the ideal shutter speed/aperture/ISO/white balance and how they play off each other for getting the right shot.

How to set up your photography gear for the best chance for success.

Capturing the Moon Above the clouds

The Details

Luckily the moon is full 13 times per year!  Based on class interest we can either capture the moonrise or moonset.   Both are a unique opportunity to capture foreground elements in your photographs or to go for particular details.  

Full moon classes are $125 and include about 3 hours of planning along with practice and post processing discussion.  

Use Photo Pills to Plan your Shot!

What to bring

Camera of your choice, DSLR preferred as my background with film is very limited.

Tripod. If you don’t have one or need to borrow one please let me know.

A full telephoto or zoom lens. 

Clothing to be comfortable and active in evening temperatures. Sturdy hiking shoes/boots, please no flip flops!

Capturing the Moon Above San Luis Obispo

Bloodmoon over San Luis Obispo

What's Included/Not Included


Guidance to the best photography locations.

In field instruction on capture technique (composition, bracketing, histogram/exposure checks, camera modifications, etc)

A composition and in-field technique seminar at the beginning of the workshop to ensure you get the most out of your time including a reference sheet for recommended settings / shortcuts / tips etc.

Free 16x20 metal print of your work or credit of around $70 towards a larger print through McKenna Pro. 

Not Included

Gratuities. But this is not asked for and shouldn’t be given 😃 No really. Its my company.  If you like the workshop give me a Yelp review instead!

Transportation to/from photography locations.

Additional information

The classes/workshop will be about 2.5 hours in duration.  If you want to schedule additional time for post processing or 1n1 instruction those are available at $75 per hour.

Capturing the Moon After it has risen

Supermoon over San Luis Obispo

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