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Nic Stover was raised in the high mountains of Western Colorado on a single magazine subscription to National Geographic and only 5 TV channels where the only show the family regularly watched was Nature on PBS or the Tour De France. This is where his love for adventure, outdoors and travel took shape.

Nic is based in San Luis Obispo and focuses on landscape photography classes and workshops along with selling custom and limited edition prints for businesses or homes. Nic enjoys showcasing the amazing places that are unique to the Central Coast from sea caves to sand dunes and our dramatic coastal landscapes.

His landscape photography work has taken him all over the globe from the backcountry of Greenland to the windswept mountains of Patagonia to the frigid extremes of Alaska.   His portfolio of work encompasses aerial photography, desert, ocean, night, and mountain photography.

Nic Stover photography exists to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and desires into a dialog and journey into the natural environment and the impacts we (as humans) have on this changing world. Through this work Nic's work exists to honor the art of photography through his ability to capture the moment or show a beauty that can be shared with the world.

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