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Nic Stover photo exists to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and desires into a dialog about the natural environment and the impacts we (as humans) have on this changing world. I exist to honor the art of photography and it’s ability to capture the moment or show a beauty that can be shared with the world.

I specialize in mountain landscapes, aerial photography/videography, and adventure travel photography. I  want to take a different perspective from the top of a peak, behind the controls of a drone/UAV or from the bottom of a canyon. Through this journey my hope is to engage people into the natural environment and get them to appreciate the beauty and the opportunities that exist to protect this amazing place we call earth.

The natural environment exists to inspire not as something we can exploit and as such we donate 10% of our net income to groups that seek to protect the environment, educate and engage people from non-traditional paths, or promote understanding of nature and the profound impacts it can have on the soul.  The groups I currently support are National Resources Defense CouncilEnvironmental Defense Fund, The California State Parks Foundation, and The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County

Through this work I sell prints,  conduct in field photography workshops with people of all skill levels, and I am available for hire for specialized shoots..  I also donate my prints to causes that support natural habitat conservation.  If you would like to be considered please Contact Me.  

I operate with the following values in mind:


We are responsible for our actions and to speak up for those that don’t have a voice.


Many in the world are not as fortunate as others but rather than look down upon them or judge them we we choose to show them empathy and understanding.


We exist to have an open platform of discussion and a free transfer of information. We are here to support the photography community and to encourage continued involvement not be apart or above others.

If you would like to have your group considered for support or would like to partner on a project or cause please let us know.

Thanks for reading.


Scenic Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach at Low Tide
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