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Privacy Policy

Nic Stover Photography exists to "Help photographers understand the unique perspectives that assist in the discovery of their capabilities, while enabling a deeper connection with themselves and others through creative expression."

Nic Stover also is a professional photographer who supports himself and his family through his photography classes, workshops, tutorials, and 1n1 work in addition to giving back 10% of the profits to organizations in need of support.  

To balance these two variables if you sign up for one of Nic's free presentations, camera club presentations, classes, purchase a tutorial, or buy a print you will be automatically added to my newsletter.   This newsletter comes out about 3x per month and is a mix of resources, articles, my blogging of my thoughts, and a list of any upcoming classes.  

In terms of how your e-mail address is treated.  

1. Under no circumstances would Nic ever sell or give your e-mail address to another group, person, or entity.  

2. At any point in time you can opt out for receipt of the newsletter and you will be permanently removed from future mailings.   All e-mails sent out include an unsubscribe link.  

3. All e-mail addresses are protected with a 2 step verification process.  

Feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail or by phone 805-550-0192

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