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Well if you came to this article hoping for justification to go buy a new expensive camera or to find the very latest piece of exciting tech gear you might be disappointed. While I would like to be able to write the article that a husband could use to justify a new drone or DSLR this is not that article. However I will gladly write that in the future if you cut me in on the deal… kidding. Sort of.

Three pieces of must have camera gear. The Good Stuff. No really. This is the good stuff.

#1 Know when to take ur stuff out The Photographers Ephemeris. long name, amazing results. Honestly probably the worse name for an app. Funny story. I was in Patagonia and caught an amazing morning. I showed up and set-up for a perfect shot @ 6:15 AM. I was talking to the women next to me who said she had been up since 5 as she didn’t know when the sun was rising. The $9.99 I paid for the app to know exactly where the sun was coming from and when was worth it this time alone… hey, sleep is precious on vacation but also countless other times.

When I went to Alaska I had already pre-scouted some places and knew that sunrise or sunset would be better and how the logistics would fit into the trip.

#2 Keep ur stuff clean

Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. While I can’t do anything about your dirty underwear -- or for some of you, your dirty minds -- I do have a secret cleaning problem. Unfortunately it is not around the house. It is lens cleaning cloths. Buy them. Hide them. Put them anywhere and everywhere. Backpacks, clothes, camera bags, your partners backpack, jackets, etc. It only takes one small mist and you lose the shots for the rest of the day. Amazon has an amazing set of extra large cloths for really cheap and the size is nice if it is misty or if you need to clean your grubby paws off your iPhone or iPad or after you drop your sunglasses in mud (no comment). 


#3 Keep yur stuff organized

A good backpack designed for photography. Okay this is probably not needed if you are doing wedding photography or studio work… but this is one piece of gear I love. And when I say backpack, I have 12 different types (I know I have a gear problem), so declaring one the winner is certainly hurtful to the others. Manfrotto sounds like some weird Bond villain, but this pack was designed with photographers in mind, thanks to an extra chest strap that takes the neck weight off when you have your camera out and the separate but easily accessible camera bottom where you can have an extra lens and also have your camera fully assembled and protected. It also has tripod attachments and nice side pockets. Manfrotto Off Road Hiker Backpack

Bonus organization.

If you have a drone, it will fit nicely into the EXSPORT Hardshell Suitcase Mavic Pro Case and will also to keep things protected without compromising size.

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