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In this information packed tutorial, explore with me (Nic Stover) and learn "The Magic of Luminosity Masks 

Adobe Photoshop has many purposes and value but, in this information, packed session we will dive into an area that can be confusing and overwhelming but is probably the most powerful application within Photoshop. Luminosity Masking. These topics will start you on the road to using luminosity masks in your own work, get you going on the path of different tools that can be used with them, and greatly help to improve your image quality.

I will break this down into simple language and talk about how you can use the program to create really subtle (Yet powerful) adjustments to your images that you simply can’t do in Lightroom or other programs.

1. Defining exactly what are luminosity masks anyway.

2. Looking at the different types of luminosity masks.

3. Showing how I personally I use luminosity masks in my work from exposure blending, to blending out blemishes, fix a blown-out sky, and other things.

4. Demonstrating the various adjustments, you can use like levels, curves, color balance, and what do they do to the lights or darks in your images?

5. Discovering some of the other programs can you use for easier creation of masks.

6. Discussing how we can load actions so you can easily run things like Orton Effect.

7. Understanding some of best practices to consider in working with masks.

One of the best reviewed portions of this class is a complete image run-through from start to finish of one of my images using a step-by-step workflow process (which you get a copy of) on how I create my own masks, make curves, levels, color balance, and other adjustments.

See how images like this can only be created with luminosity masks

Pismo Beach at Low Tide

The Details


2.5 hour presentation / overview



Giveaways / Takeaways:

You will get a copy of my Photoshop workflow, a complete printed copy of the presentation, and permanent access to private recording of the tutorial.

Why were masks the only way to get this image the way I wanted it?

Above it All

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

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Nic Stover is very knowledgeable in many aspects of photography and digital processing. He graciously shares knowledge and experience in well organized and informational classes.  

Nola B 

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