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Bringing your images to life

In this information packed tutorial, explore with me (Nic Stover) and venture into

"Bringing your images to life by printing" 

In this information packed tutorial, explore with me (Nic Stover) a San Luis Obispo, CA based professional landscape and nature photographer and take an inside look into my own process for preparing my images for print and the lessons I have learned over the years.

Printing your work can be an overwhelming process but is extremely rewarding to see your images on the wall or to have the confidence to sell your work to others. We will spend this time together to give you the confidence to print your work in different sizes, on different mediums, and from different companies. These topics we will review will help you assess what images are ready for print, what changes you might want to make to get them ready, and how and where you can get your images printed.

This tutorial goes into great detail on the following topics.

1. Learning from my mistakes through a review of the top mistakes made in printed images.

2. Exploring the color calibration process and see why it is so important.

3. Receiving an in depth look at cropping and what are the standard sizes you would consider for your prints.

4. Discovering  through an overview of the various print materials you might want to try and what types of images look the best on them. For example, if you are doing wood, what would you consider, or how about for an acrylic print, what about Lumachrome?

5. Hearing my past experiences from trying different print companies and who are the various print companies I would recommend and who would I not recommend.

6. Furthering or building knowledge  about what color spaces should you be working in and what are ICC profiles and when should you  care?

7. Understanding from my demonstrations of how to best sharpen and resize your images using the very best print preparation methods.

8. Receiving step by step demonstration of how I prepare my images for print.

Over ½ of this tutorial you also be able to see me working directly on images that participants have brought to workshops.

Hear about how I confidently printed this image 3 feet by 6 feet.

Greenland Fjord

The Details


2.5 hours



Giveaways / Takeaways:

The most impactful part of this tutorials is that you get a credit for a $65 16x20 metal print from McKenna Pro, 10 free 8x10’s and a copy of my preparing your images for print workflow. This workflow took me years to figure out the best ways to prepare my images with confidence. You will also get permanent access to private recording of the tutorial.

What does this image look like with different methods

This way.  No this way.

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

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Nic Stover is very knowledgeable in many aspects of photography and digital processing. He graciously shares knowledge and experience in well organized and informational classes.  

Nola B 

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