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Take back control!

In this information packed tutorial, explore with me (Nic Stover) and learn about

"Taking Control of Photoshop 

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful and intimidating program, yet most people only use a fraction of the capabilities of the program or not at all. This class will show you some of the very fundamental things you need to do to put the power of Photoshop to work for you. These topics we will review will help you to evaluate how you are using Photoshop, what changes you might want to make, and how and where you can speed up your process and get much more comfortable using Photoshop.

This will be a very in depth look at the power of the program and where you can start. Regardless of past photoshop experience you will learn some new techniques. Together we will look at

1. Discover the differences between Lightroom and Photoshop and when and how you would use one over another.

2. Explore some of the various filter options and how you can use select ones to help you with artistic projects or to make targeted adjustments to your images.

3. Deepen your knowledge about the different blending modes and when to use one mode over another.

4. Learn the various adjustment tools and what they do with a particular focus on the 10 I most commonly use and why.

5. See how you might want to set-up your photoshop workspace and how you can change between different workspaces.

6. Understand how to use Adobe Camera Raw to make edits even if you use Lightroom for most of your work.

7. Be able to do final preparation of your images using Web sharpening and changing your color space.

What kind of adjustments do I do to my images?

The Grand Prismatic

The Details


2.5 hours



Giveaways / Takeaways:

You will receive a PDF of the presentation materials a shortcut list showing the various keyboard shortcuts and how to access them. I will also provide you with my workflow to sharpen my images for web and permanent access to private recording of the tutorial.

How did my knowledge of Photoshop contribute to this image?

Even in death

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

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Nic Stover is very knowledgeable in many aspects of photography and digital processing. He graciously shares knowledge and experience in well organized and informational classes.  

Nola B 

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