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Not Too Heavy, Not Too Light, Just Right

In this information packed tutorial, explore with me (Nic Stover) and learn about 

"Evaluating & working with light in landscape photography" 

The word “photography” literally means “drawing with light” from the Greek words phos, (genitive: phōtós) meaning “light”, and graphê meaning “drawing or writing”. There are so many ways to think about the different types of light within our photography and what we can do with what we get in the field but also when we get back in front of our computer to process our images we “harvested” in the field.

These topics we will review will help you to evaluate what images we might want to select for our portfolios, see some simple ways to correct minor distractions in post and give you greater confidence to express yourself in new ways and to work with light differently.

In this tutorial I will talk about how the most important thing in photography is you and how you look through the light harvester (IE the camera) and the choices and decisions you make on how to collect the light that is falling in front of you onto your subjects of choice. I don’t have mastery of light nor the power to control it but I can talk about what I can control, which is how I reacts to the light I am given, not the light I want. I consider the science and study of light to be one of our most important pursuits in photography.

This tutorial will increase your understanding of how to work with light. Some of the topics covered in this presentation include but are not limited to.

1. Develop new ways to think about light.

2. Examine how we view light vs how our camera (light harvester) views light.

3. Explore how the viewers eye moves through your images from the warms and cools to the brights and darks.

4. Discover the true value of light in our images.

5. Learn how do photographers describe and talk about light.

6. Further your understanding of the ways in which light interacts with our scenes.

7. Refine the skills so you can you most effectively use light in your images.

8. Find new ways you can break out of your normal mode of working with light.

How did the light impact this image?

Sunrise at Torres Del Paine

The Details


1 hour (50min presentation / 10 min of questions) + 1hr 15m of image critique / image review of client submitted images reviewed and where various techniques are demonstrated in Lightroom to enhance and work with light.



Giveaways / Takeaways:

A reference sheet of 15 ways to describe light, reference chart showing the types of light, and permanent access to private recording of the tutorial.

Find the conditions to produce the images you want!

Avila Arch

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

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Nic Stover is very knowledgeable in many aspects of photography and digital processing. He graciously shares knowledge and experience in well organized and informational classes.  

Nola B 

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