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Join San Luis Obispo, CA based professional landscape and nature photographer Nic Stover for a PhotoBites Workshop 1 hour LIVE Zoom session to talk about Fixing Some of your Issues in Post Processing. PhotoBites are short duration and affordably priced webinar sessions designed to take a deep dive into a particular subject.

For this class we will go much more hands on as we review some of the powerful tools in Photoshop that can help you to ethically and accurately clean up our images to keep the focus in the proper places in the images. These things we will review will help you to re-evaluate old images, see some simple ways to correct minor distractions in others and give you greater confidence to fix little things that bother you in others.

See how I fixed this image

Left Behind

SOME of the topics to be covered:

1. Discovery of the best practices that should be used to maximize your chances for success when it comes to post processing.

2. Learning how to use the warp Tool for subtle changes.

3. Create more space in your images by expanding the canvas. How we can give our image a little more “space” when we don’t get it right in camera.

4. Fix things with content Aware Fill. How we can use this to quickly replace parts and pieces of our images or to fill in things that are missing.

5. Recover lost details in our images with the clone stamp. Selectively using this to clean up the imperfections of nature or correct the imperfections in our capturing like a blown out sky. 6. Express yourself in your images by Dodging / Burning and selectively lightening and darkening to direct the eye subtly.

Learn the ways to save images you thought were lost

Above the Rock

The Details

Date: 2/25/21

Time: 5:30 PM Pacific Time

Length: 1 hours (45 min presentation / 15 min of questions)

Cost: $15

Format: Webinar format with the opportunity to ask questions live after the presentation about the materials, information, or anything else on your mind.

Giveaways / Takeaways: As part of your registration for this class you will get a reference sheet showing how to do the 10 most common things I do to correct something in my image.

These are.

1. Visualize Spots for sensor spots (Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw)

2. Straighten horizon (Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw)

3. Set White Balance (Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw)

4. Camera Calibration / Remove Chromatic Aberration (Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw)

5. Cropping (Photoshop)

6. Warp (Photoshop)

7. Content Aware Fill (Photoshop)

8. Clone Stamping (Photoshop)

9. Spot Healing Brush (Photoshop)

10. Expand the canvas (Photoshop)

You will also get permanent access to private recording of the presentation.

The Fine Print

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

You won’t want to miss it! Join Us!

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