Finding the beauty in the tiny and the vast

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Join San Luis Obispo, CA based professional landscape and nature photographer Nic Stover for a two-day ZOOM session on Photographing Grand to Intimate Landscapes. This 2-day workshop will increase your understanding of how to prepare for and execute more impactful landscape photography images.

Some of the topics covered in this class include but are not limited to.

1. Defining and finding grand landscapes and why we are so drawn to them.

2. Learning exactly what are intimate landscapes and how can I find them among the grand landscapes.

3. Discover and overcome the biggest challenges to general landscape photography and what ways can we work with them.

4. Confidently learn how you can most effectively plan your images using tools like PhotoPills, GAIA, and Google Earth among others.

5. Explore the most typical composition rules to be aware of and follow in your image captures that are different than other scenes?

6. Further your knowledge of how you can use inherent and subtle mood lines, shapes, patterns, and textures in your images to bring forth emotion and increase the impact of our images.

7. Deepen your skills and learn how to find new and interesting places that are not typically visited.

8. Confidently assess your gear needs and gear selection for things to improve your capture process. What gear accessories do I find the most helpful.

The first workshop will also review some best practices for grand landscapes and desert photography along with considerations for intimate (small scene) landscapes, and a review of some of my most popular images where I will talk about the Technique and Vision that went into my images. This includes the technical capture details, histogram, and thoughts on why I chose the composition or what I was seeing the light.

The Small Scenes - The Unique

Ripples of Life

Session #2

The second workshop on will be all about processing and will be another 3 hours of instruction (With a small break).

This second weekend will cover topics such as:

1. Defining your philosophy for image processing.

2. Discovering The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Processing.

3. Review the best practices in the field to give you the best chance when you get back to your PC.

4. Learn the value of the local adjustments’ vs the global adjustments and how can you align depth, texture, luminosity, sharpness, and focus on your processing and by using the tools in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

5. Explore how I go through my images as part of my workflow process where you will have me talk you through a step-by-step evaluation and processing.

This will also be the time we get hands on experience with your own images. We will go through images you have taken and just can’t get something right, images that were more vivid in the field, and look at ways to fix minor irritations and distractions.

Finding your artistic voice among it all

Backbone of Beauty

The Details

Date: 2/20/21 & 20/27/21

Time: 9am Pacific Time

Length: 3 hours Cost: $75

Class Size: Limited to 20 participants

Format: Interactive format with the opportunity to ask questions live about the materials, and information. Image review / image techniques: Included as part of the second session where you can submit your own images for review and processing.

Giveaways / Takeaways: A reference sheet for planning and executing grand and intimate landscapes, 19 rules of composition, charts of emotions of lines and shapes, and permanent access to private recording of the presentation.

The Fine Print

Rest assured that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop. No questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. Take all of my classes knowing that if you don’t find them useful, valuable, or as offered you can get your money refunded.

You won’t want to miss it! Join Us!

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