Fine Tuning Your Image Processing

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Join San Luis Obispo, CA based professional landscape and nature photographer Nic Stover for Processing Pods, unique hands-on classes where you get to learn and practice hands on with me as I go through my images.

For summer of 2021 there will be 4 classes.

1. Using Local Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw

2. Night Scene Processing

3. Processing the Light in our images

4. Exposure / Image / Focus / Focal Length Blending

These classes are 90 minutes in length and you get a copy of the recording along with a copy of the workflows I will show you as part of the class. These are a great opportunity to learn but also ask questions as we go through the process together. These are reasonably priced well below other tutorials you will find at $20 for each class with the opportunity to ask questions live.

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