Discover the Science Behind your Connection to Color

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Color is one of the most talked about parts of photography but oftentimes the least understood. This class on color will help you to see color differently, give you greater confidence to express yourself in new ways and to work with color differently.

Explore the Connections Related to Colors

This way.  No this way.

In this class we will talk about the following concepts:

1. Explore different elements of color and what they bring forth emotionally

2. Look at how our eyes see color vs how our camera sees colors.

3. Examine the psychology of color and what it means or represents in our images.

4. Review the five main color schemes in images and how they each communicate something differently.

5. Discover how you can find the color schemes that are present in your own images through free mapping tools. 6. Break down exactly what white balance is compared to color balance and why they are so vitally important.

What are the emotional drivers in colors?

The Grand Prismatic

The Details

Date: 12/20/21

Time: 5:30 PM Pacific Time

Length: 1 hours (45 min presentation / 15 min of questions)

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