Understanding your own creative process

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“The Power to Create, giving ourselves the permission, we need to embrace the creative process” Together we work to understand the creative process, how we can access more within our process. For this presentation we will explore

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For this presentation we will explore

1. How creativity is not something that is limitless, how it is not a singular event, and that it repeatable and endless.

2. Ways to shift from thinking of yourself as (just) a photographer to that of an artist and/or creative storyteller.

3. Exploration of how we form limiting beliefs that disable our work and block us from being the creatives we want to be.

4. Discovering where you get inspiration and how you can more easily return to those states. 5. Defining how I see my own creative process and how you might view yours.

6. How we need to understand the technical aspects of our craft and then move away from it, ASAP.

7. Introducing the Whole Brain Photographer and our brain states and how we can be creating using both sides of our brain.

8. Making the time for ourselves and establishing the environment we need to create.

9. Understanding the creating is messy and getting comfortable in these states of unrest and how you can find your routines of repair.

10. How you can work consciously an unconsciously to cultivate the ideal mindset for your own creative path.

This presentation will help you to look at your work and your creative process in completely different ways than ever before. You will see how you need to give yourself permission to go deeper into your creative self to explore a wider range of what you and your work represent.

Discover what goes into images like this!

The Sentinels of Highway 1

The Details

Date: 1/24/2022

Time: 5:30pm Pacific Time

Length: 1 hour

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