Working with and understanding emotion in nature photography

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Join professional landscape photographer Nic Stover for this session to talk about an area of photography that is hard to quantify, takes some time to discover, but is part of the process. “The Emotion of and IN our photos”

For this presentation I will help you to see some of the subconscious fears that are limiting your creative growth.

Together we will explore

1. What is at the core of fear and where does this hide in our work.

2. How fear doesn’t start with F, it starts with “What if . . . “

3. The establishment of limiting beliefs and disruptive thoughts hijack the creative process.

4. Dealing with emotions in your work beyond fear and how we can reframe the fear of the unknown to help us on our creative journey.

5. How giving up our attachment to defined outcomes and preset expectations frees us to create in unrestricted ways.

6. Weaving a willingness to ask tough questions about ourselves with the acceptance of the tough answers we discover, into our creative processes.

7. Navigating through the peaks and valleys of overwhelm and understanding how we can use these cycles to our advantages.

8. Breaking out of the patterns of impatience and recognizing you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your work.

This presentation will help you to look at your work and the emotions you experience as part of your creative process in completely different ways than ever before.

What am I trying to communicate here?

Goldilocks Wave

Class Details

Date: 2/28/2022

Time: 5:30pm Pacific Time

Length: 1 hour

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