The Psychology of Photography

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The Psychology of Photography

Join professional landscape photographer Nic Stover for this session to talk about an area of photography seldom explored, The Psychology of Photography. This takes us beyond the basics of taking pictures and into the world of creating images. We will explore 5 different areas that encompass the bigger part of the artistic and creative process.

1) Sensations & Perception (How do we perceive the world & make order out of it)

2) Beliefs & Creativity (What do we believe in & how do we create)

3) Expression & Interpretation (How do we interpret scenes and develop them (and ourselves) through processing.

4) Formulation & Evolution. (Exploring what kind of photographer, we are, want to be, & where we are going.)

5) Reflection & Refinement (How can we put ourselves & our processes into a state of constant renewal)

Through this 5-part process we are able to go into deeper parts of our work and how we are driven to create. Things we will look at together in this presentation.

1. Learning how are we drawn to patterns, shapes, lines, and what do they mean to our subconscious.

2. Discovering the relationship of these elements to our emotional response to scenes in the field.

3. Exploring some of the different schools of psychology and how the brain forms thoughts and how you can work with that.

4. Examining some of the models of creativity and how we can look to follow and understand where we are in the creative process.

5. Understanding that there are definable stages of our growth that we experience as photographers.

6. Evaluating the types of biases we might experience and how do they influence our artistic and creative journey.

This presentation will help you to look at your work and your creative process in completely different ways than ever before.

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The Details

Date: 1/3/22

Time: 5:30 PM Pacific Time

Length: 1 hours (45 min presentation / 15 min of questions)

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