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Join professional landscape photographer Nic Stover for this session to talk about an area of photography that is hard to quantify, takes some time to discover, but is part of the process. “I was lost but now I am found – The Discovery of our artistic vision as a creative”

Together we work to understand how you might navigate the formation of your own artistic and creative vision as a photographer.

1. What vision is and what vision isn’t

2. The path you might follow towards your discovery of your vision. What parts are processes and what parts are simply undefinable.

3. The cohesion of action and principles and how they work together.

4. How clarity might be the most important part of this journey and where you can get more of it on a regular basis.

5. How there are few formulas to find your vision but plenty of ways to rule things out that won’t work for you.

6. The pitfalls you might encounter along the way (Trying to seek clarity too soon, thinking you need to know your vision to start your work, etc.)

7. Finding how and where you come alive in your creative process with tools to discover and fill in what might be missing.

8. How we can find ourselves through photography & creation and live fuller lives.

9. Experiencing growth beyond the technical and also growth without overwhelm.

10. Discovery of some of the greatest truths like failure is not fatal, how perfectionism is crippling your journey, etc.

This presentation will help you to look at your work where you are in different ways than ever before. It will help you to define a little bit of where you are and where you might want to go.

What elements of vision were present in this image?


Class Details

Date: 3/21/2022

Time: 5:30pm Pacific Time

Length: 1 hour

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