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Pismo Dunes Sunset

The Oceano sand dune area is recognized by scientists, conservationists, government agencies, and the public as the finest, most extensive coastal dunes remaining in California. Most of the material that forms these dunes has been carried down to the ocean by various rivers and creeks, deposited here by ocean currents, and then shaped by the wind into the dunes that we see today.

The prevailing winds that blow in from the ocean push sand particles up into wave-like crests that run north-south. On the west or windward side the slope is gentle. On the east or leeward side the slope is quite steep.

The Details

November is a pleasant time of year on the Central Coast. We are typically past the months where fog moves in off the ocean and before the winter rains start. Please plan to join us on November 3rd as we explore the dunes and some of their amazing shapes. We will plan to catch the late afternoon light and into sunset time will plan to meet in San Luis Obispo at 2:00 PM or if you are coming from somewhere else we will plan to meet just outside Pacific Dunes RV resort at 2:30 and walk into the dunes.

What to bring

Camera of your choice, DSLR preferred as my background with film is very limited.

Tripod. If you don’t have one or need to borrow one please let me know.

A full range of lens focal lengths from ultrawide to telephoto.

Lens covering the range of 14-200mm will be fully utilized.

Clothing to be comfortable and active in average temperatures of 60 to 90 (Dress in layers).

Sturdy hiking shoes/boots, please no flip flops! 

What's Included/Not Included


Guidance to the best photography locations.

In field instruction on capture technique (composition, bracketing, histogram/exposure checks, camera modifications, etc)

A composition and in-field technique seminar at the beginning of the workshop to ensure you get the most out of your time including a reference sheet for recommended settings / shortcuts / tips etc.

Free 16x24 metal print or credit of around $70 towards a larger print through McKenna Pro. Access to water to refill water bottles or bladders.

Not Included

Meals and Snacks (please bring some extra snacks of your choosing. I will have a small fridge if needed)

Gratuities for all services. But this is not asked for and shouldn’t be given 😃 No really. Its my company.

Transportation to/from photography locations.

Additional information

The classes/workshops are typically 3-4 hours in duration. If you want to schedule additional time for post processing or 1n1 instruction those are available at $75 per hour.

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