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The Intentional Photographer In Field Workshops

With the winding down of Covid, the likely track towards herd immunity, vaccines, etc my intentional is to resume in field workshops for 2022 & beyond.  I am wanting to understand from you, my newsletter subscribers, webinar participants, supporters, and fellow creatives, just what and where you are interested in going?  What kind of format most interests you?  Lengths, etc

Below are the list of the 7 workshops I have heard from you that are of the most interest.  Please take a look and then fill out the survey.   Based on the survey responses I will take the time to craft more specifics.  IE I don't want to build workshops for which there are no interest!

These workshops are designed to follow some of the principles of intention within our work and creative process.  We will establish and work on frameworks within your practices, in field techniques, mindset, and approach to help you put intention behind your creative process. 

This is the way

Central Coast Sunsets

My “hometown” workshop. This would be spending time with some of my favorite locations on the Central Coast from the Oceano Dunes, Montana De Oro, Morro Bay, & the Los Osos Oaks among other places.

The central meeting place would be San Luis Obispo and this would be a workshop in late October or November as that is the time when we stand the best chance for better sunsets and less of the marine layer.

Central Coast Scenes


Death Valley & The Eastern Sierra

This workshop will be for the person wanting to explore some of the natural wonders of Death Valley National Park such as Zabriskie Point, Salt Flats of Badwater, Mosaic Canyon, Mesquite Sand Dunes, and other beautiful locations within this area. This would be a winter workshop as it is too hot during the summer months and even as we get into late Spring and early Fall.

The trip would start and end in Lone Pine, CA giving us opportunity to photograph Mt Whitney and the Alabama Hills.

Death Valley Scenes

Band of Brothers

Trees of The Sierra

This workshop would be in the Fall in the Eastern Sierra and would focus on the majestic trees that make their home. On this workshop we would spend time with the Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains, discover some of the beauty of the Aspens around June Lake, and discover some of the majestic Junipers and other unique species.

The meeting point for this trip would be Bishop, CA.

Trees of the Sierra

The Grand Prismatic

Yellowstone & Grand Teton

This workshop will be further refined after I spend this Fall in Yellowstone. The intention of this workshop is to take in both the wildlife and natural beauty of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.

The meeting place for this trip would be Jackson Hole, WY.


Colorado Fall Colors

My home state! Nothing quite as dramatic as the amazing fall colors of Colorado. We would focus most of our time on the Northern Parts of the San Juan Mountains in the area surrounding Ridgeway but also working our way into the magnificent Kebler Pass and spending some time in Crested Butte.  Additionally on this trip we would photograph and explore the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The meeting place for this trip would be Ridgway, CO

Aspens of Colorado

Not all Bad

The Unexplored Desert Southwest

A favorite destination of mine. There is so much to see on a journey through the Southwest that I hardly know where to start. Rather than take you into the heart of Zion & Bryce which are easy to find your way through almost anytime I would like to show you the area around Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding area of Hanksville.

The meeting place for this trip would be Torrey, Utah.

Capitol Reef Area

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Glacier National Park

Currently in development but I will be spending the month of July & August there to formulate a plan of where to go and what to see. It is reasonable to expect we would be visiting the beautiful locations and focusing on capturing them in new ways.

The meeting place would be Whitefish, Montana

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