Photographic Tour of the Desert Southwest

Edward Paul Abbey was an American author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues and criticism of public land policies. He spent most of his life in the Desert Southwest of the US. An author by nature his descriptions of the beauty of the desert(s) have drawn thousands of people to experience the desert themselves.

I have traveled there with my camera in hand to some of the most iconic and lesser known places. We journey to Ed Abbey country as we visit well known places and spaces like Zion and Bryce but also venture off the beaten path and into lesser known and seldom seen places like White Pocket, The Wave, and the farther reaches of Grand Escalante. This presentation includes well over 25 destinations along with tips and tricks to make your experience as memorable as possible!

Psychology of Photography

Nic talks about some of   the principles of psychology and how they apply to our images. Nic will talk about the emotional components of composition, how shapes / lines, and colors / light influence how we interact with our images.

The last portion of the presentation will include a review of images submitted by you the viewer to talk about what is brought forth emotionally by the choices we make in the field and in processing and what minor tweaks / changes you can make to convey different mood / tone.

Adventures in California Nature Photography

My work was highlighted in the Wildling Museum’s 2019 Celebrating the National Lands of California exhibition, and through this presentation to the Wildling Museum I will lead attendees on a journey through California’s Central Coast and beyond, including some of our state’s most iconic national parks, coastal wonders, desert landscapes, and more.

Watch to see some of my favorite locales to photograph — many just a short drive away, along with a few tips to polish up your own photography skills the next time you’re exploring the outdoors. You’ll be sure to discover new places you’ll want to explore — and perhaps some secret gems!

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